Do I need logic board repair?

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Does your MacBook not respond to the power button? Is it not charging the battery ? Is your MacBook’s fan on, but the screen is black? All these and more can be signs of a failing logic board. Your MacBook is run by this board, which is made up of tiny transistors. When put together they become logic gates that fill the blocks of computer architecture. Circuits that make up these tiny building blocks can fail, and cause your computer to run erratic or not at all. Not being able to fix it due to lack of expertise, or tools would force one to replace the board. One problem is these boards are pricey, but repairing it can save you money. Logic board repair is useful in many ways, it even saves the environment. Recycling e-waste often leads to illegal overseas shipping and dumping. Devices get left in a huge pit or burned. By repairing your board you minimize e-waste while still saving a great deal of money.

Logic Board Repair Mac

Lets save the environment by saving you money.

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Is your MacBook Pros screen black?

Graphics distortion or a black screen is caused by a number of things. It can be either a bad lcd, bad cable, or a faulty logic board. Knowing which component to replace can be a challenge. Our experience alone is the reason why we can repair this problem fast. Certain MacBooks have design flaws which cause graphic distortion. But keep in mind a liquid spill can cause your graphics chip to short out as well. Having the tools to replace these ball grid array packages is not common, and most repair shops replace the logic board instead. Here at or-logic we possess all tools required plus extensive experience to get the job done.