MacBook Air 2019 Liquid Damage Repair 2/17/2020

Todays date is Feb. 17 2020 , and today I am working on a 2019 Macbook Air 13.3″ .

It all so has clear signs of a liquid spill.  The client came in and told us he was eating

at his dinning table when he knocked his drink over while eating.  He assumes most

of the liquid damage happened to the bottom of the unit.  Since he got up as fast as

he could to clean it off but it was too late. The glass of juice he was having with his

lunch had spread all over the table, and his precious thousand dollar MacBook Air

already lost power.

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Liquid Damage Repair

And so here it was sitting on my bench.  After Receiving as much information as

possible from the client. I set off to complete the repair job I was hired to do. And as

I started to take it apart I already knew what the biggest issues was.  This client

waited way too long to bring in his Mac for repair.  This can be very very frustrating

since unbeknownst to our clients they are  giving a head start to something we call

here at OR-Logic “The killer C,” or “T.K.C” for short A.K.A Corrosion.   I am sure

you guys are already aware that certain liquids are more corrosive than others, but

they all do one thing very VERY well, and that is gradually destroying materials.

logic board is dead
Liquid damaged Logic Board needs repair.

This board as you can see from the above picture was very well corroded by time I

even got a chance to open it up.  The keyboard, trackpad, and interconnecting

cables all were pretty much useless.  Not only was the board going to have to

repaired, but the whole bottom case had to be replaced as well.  If you took

something like this to an Apple store you mind as well just buy a new MacBook Air.

They will charge you well over $800.  Lucky for my client I was not only able to

repair his board for under that price, but also replace his keyboard, trackpad, and

all other interconnecting cables as well.

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MacBook air repaired, and backed with a six month warranty.