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We are experts in Apple MacBook Computer liquid damage Repair. Serving the greater Washington D.C area.

Is Liquid Damaged Computers Repairable?

MacBook computer repair can be very complex. Especially when it comes to liquid damage the longer you wait the worse it gets . Corrosion will start to build up causing the gradual breakdown of the board .  Cleaning the surface alone wont suffice as a spill can get under main components. The most important step is to ultrasonically clean it . And still some components will be corroded beyond cleaning, and will need to be replaced.  Many repair shops lack the tools needed to conduct these component replacements on your logic board, but OR-Logic does not have that problem.   We have mastered liquid damage repair, and yield at least a 95% success rate.  And all our repairs come with a 90 day warranty.

Apple MacBook repair Springfield VA . Servicing Macs all over DC & Maryland.

We provide MacBook repair to the greater Washington DC Area including Arlington VA , Alexandria VA   Fairfax VA Annandale VA , Lorton VA , and Springfield VA and more. One of our specialties is maintaining, upgrading and repairing MacBook computers. We also work with the OS X operating system, Apple applications, and provide MacBook repair on Hardware.

Give your MacBook Computer the service it deserves.

If your MacBook Computer system is acting up, we can repair your logic board, or replace, upgrade, the hard drive, memory, system fan, or battery on ALL Computer models.  OUR Repair TECHNICIANS  HAVE expertise performing comprehensive diagnostics as well. We are also able to perform Data Recovery Services on MacBook Pros, MacBook Airs, Mac Pros, Mac Minis and legacy Mac systems.

Every job is given personal attention.

Your MacBook Computer repaired should be repaired properly the first time — and that’s what we always strive for. Our process begins with comprehensive diagnostics to assess the exact nature of the problem and how best to resolve it. We’re also available to communicate with you throughout the job. Our customers get e-mailed a tracking system that allows you to see all our notes live.  Track every step of the repair from the time it goes on to the bench until the time its ready for you to pick it up.  OR-Logic strives to save you time and money.  Our customers are very important to us.

OUR Repair technicians can also help with MacBook software issues, OS X problems and provide consulting for individuals and small businesses using MacBook Computer products.